Welcome to Løgumkloster Refugium

The Retreat lies with natural beauty near a meadow and a stream in the middle of the small town of Løgumkloster. From the Retreat ther eis direct access to a beautiful newly renovated Monastery Church and the Chapter Hall. There are 47 rooms, which are all furnished with classical Danish design, and centered around an atrium garden. There are several lovely common rooms.

Overview map.

The Daily Rhythm of the Retreat

On all ordinary days you can partake in the cheerful morning prayers in the Chapter Hall and evening song in the Church. A special characteristic at Løgumkloster Refugium is the rhythm that one can lean into - the morning prayer at 8.15 AM and the daily meals at the dining hall. During the afternoon and after dinner, there is coffee and cake in the room with the fireplace - our kitchen takes good care of us. How much or how little you want to take part of the daily rhymth is entirely up to your own volition.


What is a 'Refugium'?
Refugium means 'Retreat'. In the subject of biology, it is a place where animals and plants can survive during the difficult times of the year. Just the same, we humans need a place to go, where there is room and quiet to be. Løgumkloster Refugium is just that kind of place. Here you can find room for enrichment, personal growth and relationships - all for your own need. Thousands of guests have during the course of the years experienced that the Retreat was just the thing they needed. Where the energy and the courage to face life was renewed - and where the unsolved problem found its solution.

Louise Højlund og Peter Franklin has since October 2023 been the director for the Retreat. With them, they has 30 employees and 38 volunteers that all do a great job for the well being of all the guests at the Retreat. Find us here.

Who is behind it all?

Løgumkloster Refugium was founded in 1960 by the ecclesiastical and communal circles from all across Denmark. The Retreat is based upon the principles of the Danish Church and is led by a council, in which the members are appointed by several interest organisations. See the charter in Danish by clicking here.

In the board of directors as of Jens Andreasen, Grænseforeningen; Jørgen Demant (Vice Chariman), Friends of the Retreat; Hans Iversen, Friends of the Retreat; Kirsten M. Andersen, Grundtvigsk Forum; Kirsten Kruchov Sønderby, Sten Hildebrandt and Erik Berg.

Løgumkloster Refigium receives support from foundations and private donors.

Friends of the Retreat

The Retreat is supported economically and content-wish by a community of people - organised in the Friends of the Retreat. Jørgen Demant is the chairman of Friends of the Retreat. Become a member of Friends of the Retreat.