Recreation and Enrichment

Løgumkloster Retreat can contribute to your life in many ways. On one hand, there is space for enrichment and reflection and on the other for relationships and dialogue about major and minor questions of everyday life. The retreat is open all the year round. If you need a respite for one or more days, a stay at the Retreat can be an unique opportunity for anyone.

The rooms are available from 2 PM. The daily cost includes coffee and cake at arrival, dinner, evening coffee with cookies, spending the night in a lovely room, morning buffet and lunch. As a part of the stay, you are welcome to join the cheerful morning prayer at the Chapter Hall and the evening song at Løgumkloster Church.

There is free WIFI in every room. In the room with the fireplace, one can find the Danish newspapers, and there is a library avaiable where one can lend a lot of Danish books during the stay.

Here is a schedule of the life at the Retreat:

The daily price per person, including all food expenses for a standard room:

  1 day
 2 days
 3 days
 4 days
 In a Double room
 1,195 DKK
 1,995 DKK
 3,295 DKK
 3,945 DKK
 In a Single room
 1,245 DKK
 2,195 DKK
 2,995 DKK
 3,695 DKK

There is an option for a smaller room which costs 50 DKK less a day for a Single room or 100 DKK less a day for a Single room with a bath in the hall. And for a two room suite with an added expense of 150 DKK a day.

At the reception you can borro a bicycle for a daytrip into the surrounding area. Are you at the Retreat on a work-course, it is possible to borrow an office chair. Some rooms are designed for those with special needs.

A stay at the Løgumkloster Refugium entails that one is self-supporting. There is no nursing team. If you need special treatment or help, you have to arrange it on your own or make an appointment with the local community. Løgumkloster Refugium is not suited for the dement or the mentally ill that require treatment.

Working Trips, minimum 5 days
Løgumkloster Refugium offers a number of yearly discounts at 795 DKK per person each day. This is including food. This offer is suited for single persons or smaller groups that need a quiet working environment to work focused and concentrated with studies, literary or artistically.