Creative Communities

The Retreat has a unique framework, which allows for developing and rewarding meetings. The Retreat's architecture and design exudes calmness and the relationships are bursting with friendliness and compassion. All of the prerequisites for a community to be creative. There are 45 rooms, each with a bath and a toilet, most of which can be used as double-rooms. All of the rooms are smoking-free and is equipped with a large workdesk and a beautiful view over the meadow or the Atrium. There is no TV, but there is free WIFI in all of the rooms.

For large groups there are the following rooms:

The Garden Hall with room for 150 in theater style.

The Gathering Hall with room for 60 in theater style and two group rooms.

Both rooms are designed with a modern av-system, a video and dvd player, wire loop and a piano.

For smaller groups, the following is available:
The Television Lounge with a large conference table with room for 14 around it.
The Living room with room for 10 to 20 persons.


Apart from that, there areseveral common rooms:
The Dinning Hall with room for 120 persons where the guests of the Retreat eat daily.

The Room with the Fireplace and the small Television Lounge.

Meals and the daily rhythm
The day at the Retreat has a stable rhythm with three meals together with the other guests at the Retreat, and also coffee during the day.

The Retreat's kitchen is known for the traditional Danish cousine with some inspiration from abroad and a large variety of salads.

Price for a course:

Per person
  Single Room
 Double Room
 1 day 
  1,545 DKK
 1,345 DKK
 2 days
  2,195 DKK
 1,995 DKK


 Daily meeting/course 9-17

 495 DKK
 Evening meeting 15-22
 495 DKK
 Coffee meeting 13-17 or 19-22
 145 DKK

For renting the Gathering Hall or the Garden Hall the price is:
25 DKK. per participant up to 50 (minimum of 400 DKK)
10 DKK per participant if there are more than 50

If at least 8 stay the night, you do not have to pay the rent above.

Lectures and Excursions
The Retreat can offer its residents a wide variety of lectures, which spans across history, personal travelling experiences, art, culture and religion. Aside from that, we also offer tours of Løgumkloster and the Church, and you can also listen to the Carillon concerts, participate in morning/evening prayers in the Monastery Church and different kinds of musical entertainment.

For more details regarding the different lectures, tours, excursions or musical arrangements which the Retreat offers, please contact the office at T: +45 7474 3301.