Friends of the Retreat

The Foundation Friends of the Retreat was founded in the 1970s with the intention of supporting Løgumkloster Refugium both economically and content-wise. The Friends of the Retreat participate actively in the supervising and leading roles of the Retreat, as the Foundation has two seats in the Retreat's council. 

The members of the Foundation pay a yearly fee that supports the Retreat in its function. Occasionally, the Friends of the Retreat have special fundraising events.

The yearly memberfee for 2016 is: 175 kr. per person. 275 kr. for couples.

The fee can be added to the Foundation's account:
Reg.: 7990 Konto: 109 4189.

The Board of Friends of the Retreat is:

Jørgen Demant, Kongens Lyngby, jtd@km.dk
The Chairman

Birthe Bjerg, Egtved

Regnar Nielsen, Løgumkloster
Bodil Dibbern, Løgumkloster

Britt Thorstensen, Faaborg

Hans Iversen, Nykøbing Falster

Birgitte Olesen, Randers

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